Registration & Comp. FEES


Any Talent of any category can register as 3iii Talent at no cost, it is absolutely FREE to get searched globally.

3iii 2018 (Season-I) Competition Fees (To take part in 3iii competition)

Early Bird: $75/- From Jan 15th 2018 to Feb 28th 2018

Regular: $100/- From Mar 1st 2018 to Apr 30th 2018

Participation in International Indian Icon can only be done by registering with the show and paying the registration fees for the category the participant is wanting to register for. The participants will also have to upload a competition video on the website by logging in their dashboard through the Login/Password sent through e-mail at the time of 3iii registration.

On registration every participant will receive a unique 3iii ID. The unique 3iii ID will be a permanent ID for life and the same ID shall be used by the participant in all future installments of the competition.

For Duet and Group registration, just one participant has to pay registration fees. Thus, for all participation categories i.e., Solo, Duet and Group the registration fee is the same, does not matter how many participants are taking part in any Group. (If Group or Duet wins, only one trophy will be provided to the group. If each participant of winning Duet/Group wants to get a trophy then each participant will have to pay registration fees to order the trophy and will be delivered ASAP)

  1. Competition/Audition fees is non-refundable, 3% to 5% On-line transaction fees (Payment Gateway) or approx. will be charged in addition to competition fees.
  2. The registration fees paid will be valid for the competition year only
  3. Using login ID & Password, participants can manage their participant profile, history, Video, and participation in future 3iii competition through same profile.
  4. Participants can register for any ICON State if their state is not declared as ICON State otherwise they need to register in their state only if their state is declared as ICON state.
  5. At any stage of the competition, Gee Vision can ask for valid ID and address proof, failing of which participant registration will be cancelled immediately without giving any explanation.
  6. Participants can register for any category but only once per category.
  7. There are no restrictions of age, sex, creed, caste, region, religion, culture, geography language etc.
  8. The only condition of taking part in 3iii competition is that the participant has to be from Indian origin or should have some sort of connection with India.

Any one of any religion, color, age, gender or culture can participate if they have any Indian talent i.e., any Indian language, any Indian Dance format, any Indian Instrument, any Indian art, culture talent etc.

Any Indian having any type of talent can participate

Online Payment is accepted via multiple portal like Sulekha, Jhalak, Event Combo payment gateway or PayPal


And step one is quite simple. Simply hit register and sign up. On paying the registration fee, you become proud 3ion/participant to showcase your talent at international level and to compete for word’s most prestigious title of International Indian Icon. This all happens on 3iii website and Apps where all video uploads are to be made for all levels of the competition. Each participant has his own dashboard. This dashboard will also enable you to manage your profile, and allow you to manage your video and pictures. Moreover, you can request any one to judge your video and many more 3iii features for ever as once you become 3ion you are 3iii member forever only you need to pay annual registration fees if you want to take part in competition.

  1. 2018 International Indian Icon is open to residents of 2 continents North America and Europe. As 3iii Competition is not declared in all states of ICON countries, Talent from non-ICON states can register for any ICON State/province as long as they have a valid ID and proof of residence address of the country they are participating for.
  2. Once registered, you become a lifetime member of International Indian Icon (3iii) and you may use your login details to participate in subsequent competitions on paying annual competition fees.
  3. Categories: Singing, Dancing & Instruments, Acting, Pageant, Comedy and I Got Talent
    1. Any category getting less than 30 participants per ICON State will be merged to the same category of nearly state of the country i.e., there will be no selection for State Indian Icon of that category 
    2. Any category getting less than 30 participants per ICON country will be merged to the same category of the continent and there will be no selection of Country Icon of that category
    3. Any category getting less than 30 participants per ICON continent will be merged to the category "I Got Talent" of that Continent/Country/State e.g., if No. of participants registered in Actiong/Comedy category is less than 30 for a Continent then that category will be merged in to "I Got Talent" and one best perfomance will be picked out of the "I Got Talent" category.
    4. If any category gets more than 30 registration per State/Country and that State/Country is not ICON State/Country then that State/Country will be declared as ICON State/Country for that category and corresponding titles will be declared.
  4. Participation Categories: Solo, Duet & Group
  5. Icons will be selected for each ICON State, ICON Country, ICON Continent and at International level by category (Singing, Dance, Instruments, Acting, Pageant, Comedy and I Got Talent) irrespective of participation category and age group.
  6. To participate in the International Indian Icon, Payment of Registration fees (Non-refundable) is mandatory by the participant or his/her Guardian/Parent(s) (in case of Participant being Minor)
  7. The Registration fees will be valid for the year of competition