Competition Levels


Here is a lowdown of what happens when you go through the first step.

Level-1: Participants of all age group will have to register online by paying the requested registration fees. Then the participant will get their login and password through email, post that the participant will log in to their account and submit their 2-3 minute video of their performance along with another introduction video.  Along with online public voting, our panel of celebrity and professional experts will judge the participants’ videos and handpick the first set of shortlisted candidates (30 Singing, 30 Dance and 30 Instruments, irrespective of Solo, Duet, and Group participation category) from each Icon state amongst the uploaded videos and will move to next Level-2.

Level-2: The video of the shortlisted top 30 performers per category per icon state will be posted online for online voting. Our Gee panel of judges in accordance with the online voting will then judge the shortlisted videos. The video of the chosen top performers per Icon state will be shown to an esteemed panel of Master Judges who will then select top 9 per category per icon state.

Level-3: The real action begins now where the selected ones will work tirelessly to win the coveted "Indian American/Canadian Icon" and move forward to win ultimate title of “International Indian Icon”. These top performers per icon state will compete for the title of State Indian Icon of their State, in their category. They will not only be rated and marked by the panel of judges but also the online audience watching videos online who will look at the contestants’ entertainment quotient and vote them accordingly. The performer with lowest rating will get eliminated while others move forward for next round of grill and thrill.

Level-4: The intense round of online Auditions at Level-1 and Level-2 will determine the 3iii State Indian Icons of Singing, Dance and Instruments at Level-3, who will then compete with other State Indian Icons at Level-4 for proving themselves worthy of the title Indian Country Icons per category.

Level-5: The Indian American Icons (IAI) and Indian Canadian Icons (ICI) winners along with 1st & 2nd Runner-ups of the 3iii at level-5 will then compete for the ultimate glory for the titles of International Indian Icon – Singing, International Indian Icon – Dance and International Indian Icon – Instruments and other categories.

This is one in a million chance you would not like to let go. So pick your smart phones, make a video of your performance and don't forget to register and upload your performance on 3iii website

After multiple evaluation at different levels for almost 8 months, the world will witness the first ever international Indian icon.

The competition is for our Indian brothers and sisters who will get an opportunity to showcase their skills to the global audience.