International Indian Icon (3iii) is envisioned as the world’s 1st on-line/onsite in-person a grand Indian reality show narrative over five seasons culminating at the end of the 5th season. 1st season of 3iii is open to Indian Instruments across all residents of The United States of America and Canada in either of the three performance categories – Singing, Dance, Instruments, Pageant & I Got Talent: Acting, Comedy etc. The entries can be for solo acts, duets or groups. It is a platform of immense possibilities for Indians around the world to showcase their greatest talents in singing, dance and musical instruments to be evaluated by a team of Gee Panel of Judges consisting of highly qualified and celebrated individuals from the field of performing arts as well as Celebrity Judges in the advanced stages of the show competition. Entire competition of five levels is online and onsite auditions with in-person competition of Country Icon in respective country and Grand Finale into Chicago in December 2017.The selection process includes public online voting, and ratings by the Gee Panel of Judges.