1. All participants are required to upload a competition video on their unique 3iii dashboard.

2. Video Quality is a major judgment criterion for online judgement. Following should be remembered by participants for submitting videos for competition:

  1. Video should be at least in 1080p or higher resolution
  2. It should be in Landscape formation
  3. No effects or VFX should be added to the video.
  4. Video should be in MP4 or ProRes (.mov) codec.
  5. The video should be referable recorded with a good camera and ample light.
  6. The video should be of high quality (preferably HD quality) and clear sound
  7. The video should be shot in one take
  8. No Editing: Video should not be manipulated or edited in any manner. Any video found manipulated/edited will be rejected without any explanations to the participant.
  9. The video should be of 3 to 4 minutes in length and should not exceed 4 minutes.
  10. Upload your video directly from your 3iii dashboard from your laptop, desktop or phone.

3. 3iiiTube

  1. All videos uploaded from 3iii dashboard will go to where any one can search any 3iii video to like, vote and promote on any social media.
  2.  Although participants can manage their videos uploaded 3iiiTube but all videos uploaded on 3iii website or 3iiiTube becomes 3iii property and Gee Vision Inc. will have full right to use the videos for any 3iii promotion purpose. 

4. Introduction or Intro Video

  1. Every 3ion/Participant has to submit his Intro Video
  2. Either 1st minute of your 1st Competition Video can be your introduction or you can upload a separate Introduction Video of around 1 Minute (But Intro is must)
  3. Introduction Guidelines
    1. Introduce yourself (Name, Age, City, State, Country, Education)
    2. Little bit about yourself, your family and what you do?
    3. Why do you want to participate in 3iii and which category and why?
    4. What makes you a unique participant in your category?
    5. What would you like to do if you become an International Indian Icon?

5. You can upload more than one non-competition videos in your 3iii Dashboard, but only one of the videos can be submitted as a Competition (Comp) Video for voting and judgement at each level. Rest uploaded videos will be your Non-Competition (Non-Comp) videos.

6. At each 3iii level

  1. Participant needs to submit a competition video. Participants are advised to keep minimum 3 to 5 videos ready for 3iii competition. If you miss the submission date, you may not get a second chance to submit video and may be out of competition.
  2. A fixed duration is given to upload the video at each level. Make sure you check 3iii 2018 Calendar for each level.
  3. When a participant moves from one level to other, an e-mail will be sent to the participant on the e-mail address in his dashboard.
  4. On the result day, each participant gets an e-mail about selection or rejection.
  5. Any video uploaded should not have content of objectionable/sexual nature of any type (language, video, photography etc.). Any such video will be a call for the participant to be warned or debarred from the competition, on the sole discretion of Gee Vision Inc.
  6. All competition videos uploaded on International Indian Icon website or 3iiiTube shall be the property of Gee Vision Inc. and shall be on the 3iii website until Gee decides otherwise.